Discover what people really think with the Tellit App
Write reviews about friends, coworkers and others. Read what people are saying about you! Get involved in the conversation! Chat, share photos and see how you’re connected to others. It’s quick and easy.
The Tellit App will impress you.

About Yourself

If you have a smart phone, download and register the Tellit App. Let people know who you are, including your best profile picture (# filter or #nofilter, the choice is yours) and your relationship status. Now people who have you in their contact list will be able to quickly and easily connect with you on the Tellit App.

Tellit Like It Is!

You can write reviews about anyone in your contact list, or search for people one or two levels removed from you. You can post reviews in any or all of these categories: "Personal", "Professional" and "Romantic".

Explore Your Connections

With the Tellit App, you can see how you’re connected with others. Do your contacts have friends or family you want to get in touch with? Maybe you’re just one or two connections away from a big Hollywood star or a pop icon! Some people say there’s only six degrees of separation for everyone on earth. Understand where you fit in with the Tellit App.

Expand your social circle

As you explore connection and read real, unfiltered reviews about others, you can intelligently pick and choose who you want to get to know better. Find new business contacts, workout partners or even a date. Use the Tellit App’s search function to explore even more!

Just. Conveniently. Fair

1. Tellits (Reviews and Ratings)

A simple review, praise, constructive criticism or even questions you’re dying to know to the answers to. This is what we call a “Tellit”, and it’s whatever you want it to be. Tellit like it is. Spread the truth. See what others have to say!

2. Discuss and Let Your Opinion be Heard!

Want to comment on someone else’s Tellit? Do you agree (or disagree) with a review or rating? Add your voice to the discussion. It’s a quick and easy way to share your opinion.

3. Approved! Rejected!

You are in control. If you like a comment, rating or review, give it a thumbs-up. If you think something is unfair or you just disagree with it, give it a thumbs-down. Comments, ratings and reviews that reach a certain number of thumbs-downs may be removed to avoid abusive, false or misleading posts.

Connect to A Universe of Possibilities: Friends. Family. Coworkers. New Peeps.

The Tellit App lets you rate or review anyone in your contact list, as well as people one or two levels removed (e.g., friends of friends, and their friends). Explore shared contacts. See how others are connected to you. Make new friends. See what people really think.
How does it works?

“If you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.”

Mark Twain